Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization

The Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization is formed to enable common, timely health informatics standards by addressing and resolving issues of gaps, overlaps, and counterproductive standardization efforts through:

» A mutually agreed upon and used decision process for international standardization needs;

» Coordinated standards strategies and plans, with the future goal of making all standards available through ISO;

» An integrated work program; and

» Focused, specific resolution of overlapping or counteracting standards within the participating SDOs existing work programs.

This Council, operating as a council of equals and as a liaison group under ISO/TC 215, consists of the respective leaders and appointed liaison members of the participating SDOs to a maximum of 3 members per SDO.


Your feedback is invited on JIC Standards Set development work, focusing on Patient Summary

The Joint Initiative Council (JIC) is seeking feedback from different stakeholders on this draft document which outlines the work JIC is doing to develop a Standards Set focused on the Patient Summary.

At its meeting in April 2015, the JIC, comprising the major international Standard Development Organisations (SDOs) in Health Informatics, declared that it would focus its efforts by contributing “to better global patient health outcomes by providing strategic leadership in the specification of sets of implementable standards for health information sharing”. The JIC seeks to operationalise this goal by developing a number of relevant Standards Sets with recommendations for national and international use. The first Use Case was agreed to be the Patient Summary given that many nations are working on this area and the JIC SDOs are involved in many of such initiatives.

A summary description of the JIC Standards Set work can be view here.

This document sets out the initial approach being taken and should be seen as work in progress. As such, feedback is welcomed by the JIC from stakeholders – vendors, government agencies, informatics specialists, clinicians who use patient summaries as part of care delivery etc. If you have any feedback on this work, please send to Jane Millar at info@ihtsdo,org, with JIC in the subject line. We would also be pleased to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to be involved.
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