Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization

The Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization is formed to enable common, timely health informatics standards by addressing and resolving issues of gaps, overlaps, and counterproductive standardization efforts through:

» A mutually agreed upon and used decision process for international standardization needs;

» Coordinated standards strategies and plans, with the future goal of making all standards available through ISO;

» An integrated work program; and

» Focused, specific resolution of overlapping or counteracting standards within the participating SDOs existing work programs.

This Council, operating as a council of equals and as a liaison group under ISO/TC 215, consists of the respective leaders and appointed liaison members of the participating SDOs to a maximum of 3 members per SDO.

What's New?
» The Joint Initiative Council held its first fully open meeting on Tuesday, October 18 in Chicago prior to the start of the ISO TC-215 Health Informatics meeting. 10 representatives from 6 SDOs participated - CDISC, CEN, GS-1, HL7, IHTSDO, ISO TC215. 20+ representatives from numerous National Member Bodies listened in on the proceedings, and expressed how the open meeting was very worthwhile. This was followed by JIC Open Forum, which included presentations from member SDOs

» CDISC Strategy

» HL7 Scope and Activites

» Presentation and Discussion by Steven Kay on Usability of Health Informatics Standards
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